"Being active and fit as I am, I had trouble tightening up my "pooch" for almost 2 years after my second child.  I liked the idea of tighter skin without surgery so I gave Exilis a try.  Astonishing results after 2-3 treatments.  The remnant of my pregnancy is gone.  The best part about it is that there was no recovery time needed after the procedure.  Just 30-45 minutes of physical activity after a relaxing warm massage-like technique.  I am more than pleased with the results and will consider future use on other body parts."


"Dr. Krivan had incredible techniques and knowledge in performing Exilis treatments.  Each appointment I see results.  After a series of appointments, I am very close to achieving my anticipated results which I never even conceived could have been possible.  The results have been life changing."


"In the Spring of this year I was preparing to do my first physique competition.  Having just lost 85 pounds, I had a lot of loose skin and was afraid my stomach would never look flat.  Considering a tummy tuck, which was cost prohibitive, I looked for other alternatives.  I was introduced to Dr. Gail Krivan and right away I felt a connection with her.  She is an amazing person and does not treat you like a patient.  She treats you like a friend and goes out of her way to put you at ease, and work around your schedule---she is so real in her communication with you.  The Exilis treatments are amazing and I saw an improvement after just two treatments.  The treatments are slightly uncomfortable at times, but well worth it.  My stomach did get flat and I highly recommend the treatment as well as Dr. Krivan.  I've also been a massage client of Paula Scott's for nearly two years and her deep tissue massage and stretching is amazing for anyone who is athletic.  Those two women together can't be beat as far as their professionalism, caring, friendliness, and more importantly, their results."


"Thank you, Dr. Krivan, for your beautiful work.  I was reluctant to do a filler at first but the Juvaderm procedure exceeded my expectations."